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Jack Anthony


Welcome to my website, I am 22 and I am a photographer from Liverpool! I have been a photographer for a few years now, I am working along side companies such as Ford to build a stunning portfolio for both them and I, I have a lot of experience in wedding photography and I thrive to continue working with amazing couples!

I like to reveal in the photos the nature and feelings of people, to catch the sincere moments, to create pictures with the mood and atmosphere, which you will after some time make you re-immerse in memories, experience moments of happiness, give you an opportunity with surprise and maybe in a new way to recognize yourself and your loved ones. And of course I’m happy when I manage to create a picture in which there is a moment, a story, and a compositional integrity, and there can be an original creative solution – one that is interesting to look not only to the participant of the survey, but also to the outside viewer; This is where you want to think and empathize.

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